Our History:

Grupo IMSA S.A. was born in November 2021 after the spin-off of the real estate, food additives, composite materials and polyester business units in Brazil, mass consumption and pipes and posts from Grupo Orbis S.A. and some of its subsidiaries.

However, its history dates back to 1921 in Medellin, Colombia, with the creation of Cacharrería Mundial, specialized in the hardware world and that over time was integrated vertically to create Pintuco in 1945, dedicated to the manufacture of paints; Andercol in 1965 for the production of chemicals and raw and intermediate materials and Inks in 1970.

Our worldwide

Plantas productivas en Colombia y Brasil.
People employed
Countries around the world where we export the products.
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IMSA Sustainability

We assume with commitment the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations, for this reason, and understanding our important role in society, we act accordingly to contribute to the balance of the planet under three pillars:

Economic Sustainability

Manage the
resources in a way

Social Sustainability

Guarantee the dignity of people through compliance with Human Rights.

Environmental sustainability

Achieve management of natural resources in our productive activities.


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