MCM Company is a company focused on the manufacture of personal care, home, vehicle and industrial products. The company is based in Colombia from where it supplies the local market and is preparing to expand internationally through the export channel.

MCM Company has three lines of business:

Cleaning and disinfection

With products such as air fresheners, disinfectants, insecticides, liquid cleaners and spray cleaners, with its brands Brizzé ®, Extermin ®, Astral ® and Monami ®

Vehicles and industry

With degreasers, lubricants, cleaners, waxes, shampoo, silicones and additives for the care and performance of motorcycles, cars, bicycles and industrial machinery. Within this line there is the development of the Dr. Power ® brand and the representation for Colombia of CRC ®.

Personal care

With antibacterial gels, foot and underarm deodorants, shaving creams, suntan lotions and mosquito repellents under the Körper Mode ® and Muv KEEP ® brands.

We differentiate ourselves from our competitors thanks to the speed in the development of innovative products, under the latest market trends, as well as a wide national distribution capacity, with a strategic geographical location to cover the national and international market. We have extensive experience in the aerosol industry, a broad portfolio and high manufacturing and formulation standards with safety and quality certifications by INVINIMA and ICONTEC.

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