Our History

IMSA Group S.A. was born in November 2021 after the spin-off of the real estate, food additives, composite materials and polyester business units in Brazil, mass consumption and pipes and poles of Grupo Orbis S.A. and some of its subsidiaries. However, its history dates back to 1921 in Medellin, Colombia, with the creation of Cacharrería Mundial, specialized in the hardware world and that over time was integrated vertically to create Pintuco in 1945, dedicated to the manufacture of paints; Andercol in 1965 for the production of chemicals and raw and intermediate materials and Inks in 1970

This business group has always considered it a priority to consolidate itself as a relevant player, a leader in the markets in which it participates and to pioneer the best practices of good governance and corporate governance, which is why in 1982 it was listed on the Colombian Stock Exchange. .

Over the years, this group of companies diversified into other applications and derivatives, giving rise to O-tek in 1997, dedicated to the manufacture of large diameter pipes and poles, Inproquim in 2007 for the distribution of chemical products and Andercol Mexico and Andercol International in 2018, which manufacture food additives. Additionally, a process of geographic expansion is carried out, turning Grupo Orbis into a multilatina with a direct presence in more than 12 countries in South America, Central America and the Caribbean, including Colombia, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Mexico, Argentina and Panama.

In 2020, Cacharrería Mundial makes a spin-off, separating its hardware business units from mass consumption, giving rise to MCM Company, specialized in personal care, home, automotive and industrial products.

For the year 2021, it is decided to spin off the companies integrated with the world of painting with the strategic objective of focusing financial, administrative and human resources on the companies of Grupo IMSA SA, in order to consolidate its strategy of growth and development of its business, geographical expansion to new markets, investment and diversification of its business lines and the consolidation of technological and strategic alliances. The foregoing is strongly leveraged in a capital and liquidity structure that allows it to support this growth, its low level of indebtedness, an experienced management team, its culture of teamwork and closeness, maintaining its good administrative and corporate governance practices.

Geographical presence

Grupo IMSA cuenta con 4 plantas productivas en 3 de las más importantes economías de Latinoamérica:
Colombia, Brasil y Argentina, donde emplea a más de 600 personas. Además exporta sus productos a alrededor de 17 países en todo el mundo.