La compañía Novapol hace parte de nuestra unidad de negocio de producción y comercialización de productos químicos en el mercado Brasilero. El portafolio de productos está principalmente asociado a la industria manufacturera de materiales compuestos orientada a segmentos de mercado como construcción civil, infraestructura, energía eólica, transporte y recreación.

Our Business lines are:

Unsaturated polyester resins

Resin used in different industries as a polymeric matrix in the production of goods in segments as diverse as civil construction, transportation, automotive, infrastructure, wind power, among others.


Protective and/or decorative coatings for parts made of composite materials.


Marketing and distribution of raw materials required for the manufacture of parts in composite materials. Some of them are: Fiberglass, catalysts, release agents, solvents, etc.


Of other chemical inputs such as acidulants and preservatives, oriented to the food industry.

We are leaders thanks to our reliability expressed in products with high quality standards, our technical service focused on the development of high-value solutions for the market, and our production and logistics capacity that allow us to supply the market with agility and efficiency. We have extensive coverage in the Brazilian market for composite materials.

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