A call for transparency:

Anonymously report any situation that goes against the corporate principles and values of the IMSA Group.

Who can report cases through the Ethics Line?

The Ethics Line has been created for employees, suppliers, customers, and, in general, all stakeholders of the IMSA Group to anonymously report unethical behaviors that are contrary to our ethical culture.

Without fear or apprehension

Reporting irregular situations or concerns should not involve fear or apprehension, as our organization is committed to protecting the identities of individuals and maintaining the total confidentiality of their statements. Under no circumstances will the organization take retaliatory actions against those who, in good faith, have acted in support of an ethical culture.

What topics can be addressed through the Ethics Line?

Omissions of controls and regulations, fraud or theft, misappropriation of assets, manipulation of financial statements, corruption, conflicts of interest from third parties, misuse of the organization's assets, disclosure of privileged information, technological abuse, harassment, violation of laws or regulations, labor relations, a hostile work environment, and personal conflicts can all be reported through the Ethics Line.


The Ethics Line is available from Monday to Saturday, from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Grupo IMSA guarantees the confidentiality of reports to individuals who contact the Ethics Line. The call is anonymous, the receptionist does not have access to the telephone number, and the Call Center contract includes a confidentiality clause, ensuring that there will be no reprisals against the person reporting the case.

Colombia: 018000 411 354

Mexico: 01800 767 9101

Argentina: 0800 444 1708

Brasil: 0800 761 5021

Venezuela: 0800 100 5077


Email: grupo-imsa@lineatransparencia.com